It’s impossible to thank everyone who supports you over the years. Any attempt would be incomplete and result in, I fear, hurt feelings. Just know that if I know and love you, and you’re not listed here, you are deeply in my heart.

My lovely wife Eva has been my rock, and none of this would be possible without her. My mom’s constant love and encouragement has always kept me going. My dad is an inspiration, and the source of the sense of humor I’ve found so useful in life. My kids — Chloe, Justin, Rain, Maia, Seth, Noelle — are the reasons I do everything, and I love them more than I can say.

My grandfather, now deceased, was a hero to me, the reason I became a writer. My grandmother has been such a source of love and strength that I have dedicated this book, and a substantial portion of my heart, to her.

The deepest and weirdest part of my heart is eternally reserved for my brothers and sisters: Kat, Ana, Tiara, Joseph, Brandon, Austen.

I am blessed with incredible friends — Jesse, Tynan, Scott, Corbett, Susan, Dominic, among many others— who support me and inspire me and hold my feet to the fire.

This book would never have gotten into shape without the guidance of my editor, Juli Anne Patty. Nor found its beautiful home on the page without my designer, Matt Avery. Nor found its way into your hands without the manager of Pipe Dreams Publishing, Brian Hertzog.

And I can’t express enough gratitude for you, my readers. You have changed my life profoundly.

Thank you, all of you.

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