Bonus Guides

If you back the Zen Habits book Kickstarter project at the $31 or higher award levels, you get two bonus PDF guides. Here are a few more details:

  1. Procrastination & Effectiveness Guide: Struggle with finding focus, with procrastination, with being productive, with distraction? Actually, everyone does. Here’s why, and how to get to the root of the problem. And how to form effective productivity & creativity habits using the daily Unprocrastination session.
  2. Mindfulness Guide: Would you like to be more mindful in your everyday life? We’ll explore some of the benefits of mindfulness, along with how to create mindful habits throughout your day. We’ll start with the most basic habit, which is the 2-minute meditation session, but then learn to take this practice into every area of living, for a more mindful day.

I’m still writing these guides as you read this, but I believe they’ll be greatly helpful for anyone. They’ll extend the key concepts of the Zen Habits book to a couple areas that many people want help with.

Each will be in PDF format, readable on your computer.

These won’t be available anywhere else but Kickstarter.

I hope to have them ready by early January.