Table of Contents

Introduction: The only reason we struggle with habit change

How this book works
Key Concepts to Know

Part I: Creating a Habit

How to choose a first habit
Quitting habits vs. starting a positive habit
Two questions before you start
Week 1 focus: A slow start
Week 2 focus: Mindful enjoyment
Week 3 focus: Overcoming the dip
Week 4 focus: Reconnecting
Week 5 focus: Embracing groundlessness
Week 6 focus: Gradually changing your life

Part II: Habit Troubleshooting

Missed a few days & struggling
Can’t find the time
Others aren’t supporting me
Not doing as well as I’d hoped
Accountability isn’t working
Feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed
Making mistakes, guilt from failing

Part III: Quitting a Bad Habit

When to attempt to quit
Track your habit & triggers
Come up with replacement habits
Common needs & replacement habits
Use techniques you’ve learned
Gradual change vs. cold turkey
Struggling with urges
What happens when you fail
Types of quits

Part IV: Life Struggles

The heart of our struggles
Relaxing our struggling
Seeing and working with true nature
Coping with loss
Coping with life changes
Dealing with frustrations with others
Coping with relationship problems
Dealing with unhappiness with ourselves
Uncertainty about life’s path

Part V: Just Do This

Simple plan to create new habits
Practice with resistance & groundlessness
Create gradual life change
Quitting a bad habit
Deal with life’s difficulties
Finally: On love